[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Tony Shong on How Games Deliver Experiences

Tony Shong(熊攀峰), INNO Interactive Co.Ltd

Why is gaming experience so appealing and attracts people like no other media forms? As recalling our childhoods, we easily highlight the memories of playing games but take us some time to recall what TV drama, film or graphics we were watching at that time. There is one significant feature that divides games and other art forms such as painting, music ,cinema etc. – which is interaction. Is it the key element that sets gaming experience outstanding? Let’s take a deep look into the games we played in the childhood, start a discovering tour with detailed examples on how games deliver experience in a impressive way. Reveal what is generating attraction to players when they play games and how interactive experience can be designed to accomplish narrative goals even excels movies. What inspiration can we get on creating games when the advantage of interaction was perceived, just like what indie gamers are doing nowadays.

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Tony Shong(熊攀峰) is Interactive Experience Director and Interactive (Gaming) Experience Researcher at INNO Interactive Co.Ltd

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