[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Chen Ziyun on Technique, Strategy, Simulation, Culture – An Attempt to Construct a Game Classification System

Chen Ziyun, Popsoft

After development of half a century, video games became a highly complex interactive entertainment product, where the traditional classification such as AVG, RPG, RTS, was confronted by the mixed-type games and became insufficient. Recently, with the smartphone popularization and new gamers’ explosion, the old classification system lost its explanatory ability and failed to explain the popularity of newly emerged games. As a media practitioner, I can see the pressing need of a new classification system, which I will state in detail in this paper. Technique, Strategie, Simulation and Culture are the four pillars that constitute the evaluation system that’s based on my practice, experience and analysis.


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Author Info:

Chen Ziyun, a media practitioner,got a copycat-Nintendo FC in 1992 at 4-year-old, and played Arcade video game in the movie theater of home town.First contact with computer game “wolfenstein 3D” in school computer room at 1996. Entry Popsoft in the autumn of 2012.Currently pushing forward a video game-evaluation system with four dimensions : the techniques, strategies, cultivation, and culture.

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