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[Chinese DiGRA 2014] Felania Liu on The transmission history of DND to reflect on “Chinese” games

[This abstract is from the Chinese Game Studies Conference at Ningbo Nottingham University, Spring 2014.] Does the Failure of DND Games and Success of Its Derivative Xianxia Games in China substantiate a  “Chinese” Game Taste?-- A Reflection of whether there are distinctly “Chinese” games 龙与地下城游戏的失败与仙侠类游戏的成功是否说明存在一种“中国”游戏品味?--从DND在中国的传播反思“’中国游戏‘是否存在” Felania Liu, Tsinghua University(清华大学 刘梦霏 ) A representation of western gaming culture […]