Games Symposium for Oceania and the Asia Pacific 

Chinese DiGRA in partnership DiGRA Australia, and Pride at Play present: the Games Symposium for Oceania and the Asia Pacific. June 14-15, 2023 occurring in St Kilda, Australia as well as online. Exploring new perspectives of videogame, boardgame, and tabletop roleplaying culture with game artists, makers, and researchers in the Asia Pacific and Oceania, we especially encourage researchers […]

Call for nominations to Chinese DiGRA board, 2022-24

We will be holding an election for new board members this coming autumn. As a first step, we’d like to solicit nominations. Please go to the following anonymous form to make your nomination. You can nominate yourself and/or someone else. We will contact all nominees in October and confirm all nominees by October 14th, […]

Review of Christopher B. Patterson, Open World Empire: Race, Erotics, and the Global Rise of Video Games

November 2020 Bjarke Liboriussen University of Nottingham Ningbo China   Having your cake and eating it (off your naked partner): Review of Christopher B. Patterson, Open World Empire: Race, Erotics, and the Global Rise of Video Games. New York University Press, 2020. In public and scholarly debates about video games, participants can find themselves in uncomfortable […]

2020 Board Election

These are the bios for the proposed new Chinese DiGRA board, to serve from 2020 to 2022. We do not have multiple nominations for any position, so we will finalise the board on the 1st of October unless there are any objections from CDiGRA members between now and then. Thanks to everyone who took part in […]

Global Game Jam Hong Kong 2016

Chinese DiGRA is proud to support Global Game Jam 2016 Hong Kong to be held this coming weekend. For the fourth time, the event gathers students and professionals alike to create games in just 48 hours. Join us for a thrilling, but relaxed jam at Cyberport!

[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Chaoguang Wang and Gino Yu on The relationship between players value systems and their In-game behavior in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game

Chaoguang Wang, Gino Yu, Digital Entertainment Lab, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong This study examines the relationship between player’s value systems based upon the Emergent Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory by Clare W. Graves (Graves, 2005) and their actions in playing a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Online survey data from 5,427 players of […]