[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Hao Xu and Donglei Song on Gamified Learning and Teaching Environment: The Web Design Case Study

Hao Xu, Donglei Song. Jilin University

The situation of Chinese class now is that, teacher gives homework and students just have to finish it. Everyone does the same work. It is boring enough. Students have lost their enthusiasm to this boring homework. Also it is lack of reflection, student often hand in their work without any reflection or only give them a score.

Our aim is to improve the ability of web design of the students and team work spirit through the stage mode in the course “Web Design” in Jilin University.

Stage mode changes the traditional way in the class. In the past, Student only needed to listen to the teacher and do the same boring homework. Now students can choose the homework as they like. When they are going through the difficulties, they can find out how is their learning path like and what job fits them well. After analyzing the paths of students, the system will recommend the suitable partners to finish the final task.

Some basic elements like points and leader board are also used in this program according to the quality of the work and the submission time.

The experiment will bring a large amount of meaningful date, analyzing the learning path or pattern of students is useful for both students themselves and teacher. The result can help the students to find suitable partners also can help teachers to enhance teaching.

Author info

Hao Xu
College of Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University, Changchun, China

Donglei Song
College of Software Engineering, Jilin University, China