[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Gao Jihe on Implementing Agent-based Approachs to Prototyping Online Games’ Social Interaction Mechanism

Gao Jihe (高济禾), Jiejiao Tech Co.Ltd (街角科技)

Game prototyping has become a common practice in game design. Existing prototyping studies focused on the core mechanics, the level design, interface and so on. The rise of online multiplayer gaming has make in-game social engagement and interaction becoming an increasingly important component of game mechanism. However, a systematic research methods focusing on the influences of in-game social rules and mechanisms to a player group have not yet formed. We propose an approach of ABM (multi-agent simulation) method to study in-game social interaction, by establishing a simulation environment including the player’s agent and the rules of in-game interaction. By implementing ABM approach, the social interaction outcomes could be tested independent from other aspects of game design.



Author info

GAO Jihe is founder of Jiejiao Technology, a startup company focus on automatic data collecting and processing using agent-based modeling methods. Former business consultant specialized in market research, marketing strategy, marketing data analyzing.
Email: jihe.gao@jiejiaotech.com

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