[Chinese DiGRA 2015] Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi on The Interplay between Digital Gaming and the Rise of Nationalism in China

Banwo Adetoro Olaniyi, Xiamen University

The use of Technology to disseminate information and transmit cultural practices on a wide scale is a phenomenal practice in the modern world. While digital technology offers playful tinkering, it also offers a diverse way to capture and imbibe formal and informal ideas.

China’s digital game industry has developed in a dramatic form and has come of age; the gaming industry through the use of information technology has been adopted or engaged to influence the rise of nationalism in China, this trend is monumental and evidential. With the rise of the public gaming in China, several private and public organizations are using the instruments of gaming to develop, design and create socio-cultural games that would build and stir patriotic emotions within the nation state. Digital games in China therefore offer a new approach to entertainment with the aim of educating the player on historical facts and exposure into the world of technology. With the negative implication of youth addiction and violence the digital gaming industry is a flourishing one with multiply consequences.

This paper tends to examine the influence of digital gaming with the rise of nationalism; it tends to scrutinize the effect of gaming on the individual, the author intends to identify the interplay of entertainment, education and economic benefits as the central forces enhancing the development of the game in modern China.

Author info

Adetoro Banwo is a graduate of Political Science (Ogun State University), Masters in International Management (University of Liverpool, England), Masters of Chinese Philosophy (Xiamen University) and currently a Doctoral Candidate of Chinese History at Xiamen University. He is vast in Chinese History, culture, tradition and philosophy.

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