[Chinese DiGRA 2014] Felania Liu on The transmission history of DND to reflect on “Chinese” games

[This abstract is from the Chinese Game Studies Conference at Ningbo Nottingham University, Spring 2014.]

Does the Failure of DND Games and Success of Its Derivative Xianxia Games in China substantiate a  “Chinese” Game Taste?-- A Reflection of whether there are distinctly “Chinese” games


Felania Liu, Tsinghua University(清华大学 刘梦霏 )

A representation of western gaming culture that has an influence on China even today, and representative in its failure that can help to understand the game industry of China, the transmission, localization and failure of DND and Fantasy Culture in China is an ideal object for observation for the quest of whether there are distinctly “Chinese” games. Through a historical analysis with the help of communication theories, this paper attempted to reveal the real cause for the failure: that because DND and Fantasy Culture approached and accepted by the Chinese people as majorly a form of Literature instead of as a Game, the whole idea of game in Chinese Industry is twisted, and this caused the “Triple Three Mode” of production, which eventually led to the absence of the unique “Chinese” games.

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