Chinese DiGRA 2019


Chinese DiGRA 2019

Location: Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

Date(s): August 17-18th, 2019


Papers are invited for the 6th annual Chinese DiGRA (Chinese chapter of the Digital Game Research Association) Conference, to be held at Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China) August 17-18th, 2019. We are honored to have the digital media department of BNU as our collaborator to jointly host this annual event, and to vitalize game related researches in Chinese-Speaking Region.

We invite submissions on any aspect of Chinese games, game industries, game design and gaming cultures. We also invite submissions from people located in the Chinese-speaking region who are researching any aspect of games. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

Games and History/Digital Preservation

  • History of digital games and their influence in China; History of the digital game industry;
  • How digital games as a form of media reflect, construct, and reconstruct history;
  • Historical Game Studies, or the development of historical research on games;
  • The possibilities for historical narratives on games, whether expressed in scholarly writing, exhibitions, journalism, public projects, historical games or other means;
  • Digital Preservation or game/gamification related practice in museums, libraries, art galleries and so on;

Gamification/Functional game/Game literacy

  • Social Impact of digital games, how can digital games influence/shape society;
  • Practical and theoretical work on Gamification, Serious Games/Education Games;
  • Mediation and Remediation /Presentation and Representation of traditional culture through games;
  • Game Literacy or the public awareness of game’s social impact;

Digital games Research in Dialogue

  • Representation, diversity and inclusiveness in ‘Chinese’ games and game (development/play) cultures
  • The Chinese game industries and their future possibilities/weaknesses
  • Critical analysis of the Chinese game industries
  • Gaming and production cultures in specific ‘Chinese’ regions
  • Analyses of game design and development traditions and practices in the region
  • Specificities regarding computer games within Chinese cross-media environments
  • Computer games and playability in the context of interactive art and creative media
  • Government policy on production and consumption of games

*The Chinese DiGRA conference facilitates networking amongst game scholars working in the Chinese-speaking region. Therefore, apart from the above topics we also encourage submissions from scholars located in the Chinese-speaking region working on any aspect of game research.

We are inviting two types of submissions:

  • Research presentations: Please submit a maximum 1000 word extended abstract, detailing your name, title,and affiliation.
  • Panels: Please submit a 500 word description of the panel, including a brief discussion of the relevance and importance of the topic together with short biographies of confirmed panel members. We would particularly welcome panels that bring together industry and academia to discuss issues of common concern.

No conference fee will be charged. Meals and refreshments will be provided free of charge during the conference. However, due to the limited budget, we currently have no travel stipend plan.

Important Dates

April 1st: Deadline for Submission

April 20th: Decisions announced

July 15th: Conference registration opens

August 17th-18th: Conference, Beijing Normal University.

How to submit
Please email a pdf version of a maximum 1000-word (excluding references) extended abstract in English only no later than March 20th, 2019 Please make sure to use the Chinese DiGRA 2019 Extended Abstract Template  to format your extended abstract. Extended abstracts will be selected by the organizing committee based on their academic rigor and relevance to the themes of the conference. Note that the extended abstracts do not need to be anonymous. Please also make sure to include your full name, title and affiliation.If you are from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan, please include both your Chinese and English names.

Notifications of acceptance will be sent by April 20th. Accepted authors will have an opportunity to submit their extended abstracts for inclusion in the DiGRA Digital Library. We are also negotiating with the Tsinghua University Press for the potential to publish a selected conference proceeding afterwards. We realize that many of our attendees are not native English speakers but believe that using English(es) as the conference language helps foster cohesion and better interaction during the conference, and strengthens Chinese DiGRA as a community. For questions regarding paper submission and the topics of the conference, or for questions on the conference, please contact

Organization description and history

Chinese DiGRA is a regional chapter of DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association) focusing on game research relevant to Chinese speaking countries and the surrounding regions. Chinese DiGRA aims to enhance the quality, quantity, and international profile of games research in the Chinese-speaking context, by developing a network of game scholars and researchers working in the Chinese-speaking world and/or on aspects of Chinese games and gaming cultures, forging links between academic and professional researchers on games, supporting teaching and PhD development in the region, and disseminating and promoting Chinese game scholarship around the world. Chinese DiGRA is run by a board comprised of top academics in the fields of Chinese games research from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. You can find more information on Chinese DiGRA, including papers from previous conferences, at our website.

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Adam Chapman, University of Gothenburg


Organising committee of Chinese DiGRA 2019 Conference
Felania Mengfei Liu, History Department, Tsinghua University(

Dr. HE Wei, Department of Digital Media, Beijing Normal University(








  • 电子游戏在中国的历史,或行业史
  • 作为媒介的电子游戏如何反映、建构与重塑历史
  • 历史游戏学,或围绕着游戏的历史研究
  • 利用游戏表达历史的各种可能性研究,形式包括且不限于学术论文、展览、公众项目等等
  • 将游戏视作电子文化遗产的各种保存及保护工作,包括且不限于博物馆、展览馆、图书馆的游戏/游戏化实践




  • 电子游戏的社会影响,游戏如何影响/形塑社会,特别专注于游戏的积极影响
  • 游戏化、严肃游戏、教育游戏、功能游戏方面的理论及实践研究
  • 游戏对于传统文化的表达,媒介/转媒介化、展现/再现等等方面的研究
  • 游戏素养,或社会对于游戏作用的接受程度与内容的研究


  • 中文地区游戏设计、游戏开发的实践及分析
  • “中国游戏“及”中国游戏文化“的多样性、包容性及再现性
  • 中国游戏产业及其未来发展前景/或发展中体现的问题
  • 对中国游戏产业的批判性分析
  • 中文地区的游戏玩家文化及开发者文化
  • 中国作为世界最大游戏经济体的相关研究
  • 对“中国游戏”及中国的流行游戏的批判性分析
  • 中文地区游戏开发未来方向的批判性思考
  • 地区性的“游戏设计问题”
  • 中国跨媒介环境中游戏的特异性
  • 互动艺术及创意媒体背景下的电脑游戏及可玩性研究
  • 游戏的制作与消费等方面的政策研究
  • 中文地区的电竞
  • 关于中文游戏、产业及文化的比较研究





  • 研究报告:请提交一份1000字以内的长篇摘要(extended abstract),以及您的姓名、职务及单位。
  • 小组讨论(Panels):请提交一份关于小组讨论的500字的描述,包括小组讨论话题重要性与相关性的概括性陈述以及确定参加的小组成员的简介。我们特别鼓励能够让业界与学界共聚一堂,讨论共同关注问题的小组讨论。


3月20日: 截稿期

4月1日: 延长的截稿期

4月20日: 宣布定稿结果

7月15日: 会议开放注册




请在2019320日前前以电子邮件发送pdf格式、千字以内的长篇摘要(仅限英文)到。长篇摘要请务必参考Chinese DiGRA 2018 Extended Abstract Template 模版的格式。会议及项目主席团会根据学术质量以及与本次会议的相关程度来对摘要做出评审。长篇摘要无需匿名。由于此会议需要提前申报,请在摘要中写清您的姓名、职务、单位;港澳台地区的参会者请务必写清中文姓名。评审结果将于4月20日前发送。

被接受的论文将被囊括于电子游戏研究的在线数据库(the DiGRA Digital Library)之中。我们也在与清华大学出版社商讨会议后出版精选论文集的可能性。我们理解许多参会者的母语并非英文,但是我们也相信以英文为会议讨论的主要语言将能够促进整体讨论的质量、促进会议期间的良性交流、及促进中华电子游戏研究协会的社群化。有任何关于论文提交及大会讨论的相关问题,欢迎联络



中华电子游戏研究协会(Chinese DiGRA)是电子游戏研究协会DiGRA (Digital Games Research Association) 的中华分部,致力于推进华语国家及周边地区的游戏研究。中华电子游戏研究协会旨在提升中文地区游戏研究的质量、数量及国际影响力。我们的工作包括建设游戏研究的学术网络、促进学界与业界的交流、支持华语区域内的游戏研究教育及博士生培养、以及向国际传播与宣传中国游戏研究的成果。中华电子游戏研究协会由来自于中国大陆、香港、澳门、台湾地区的学者构成的理事会运营。您可以在我们的网站our website找到更多相关介绍,以及往年所有会议的摘要。



Dr. Adam Chapman, University of Gothenburg





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